WWW.WHAT?! Winning On The Internet


Social media has given the small business owner the ability to expand and grow a network beyond their local community. A good social media campaign can put your brand into many markets.

Since it’s inception social media has been a mystery to small businesses. Facebook created special pages to give small businesses the opportunity to effectively use the social media giant. Twitter constantly tried to teach entrepreneurs how to make the most of their Tweets. The social media phenomenon is sweeping through the business community.

Developing a good strategy for social media is even more important than traditional marketing outlets like television, radio and print. Social media is scary because the affect seems to last longer and the viral possibilities could have a bigger impact. Television commercials typically have the instantaneous effect on the consumer while watching it. Radio gives the consumer a rush while listening. However, the social media post can be forwarded, reviewed again or saved for future viewing. That’s why it’s extremely important to carefully choose your content.

A great marketing message can go a long way on social media. If someone likes your message they will share it with the world. Millions of people can make you an instant millionaire. On the other hand, a bad marketing message will guarantee brand suicide. That’s why we highly recommend creating social media plan. The plan must consist of entertaining information that’s valuable to the reader and a call to action. What do you want the reader to do with the posts? Give them direction. Tell them what you want them to do with the information you gave them.