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A three-generational veteran-owned business, the initial investor, Bobby Newsome was an Air Force veteran. As is, it’s founder Shaundell Newsome and current owner/CEO, Tiara Flynn. Sumnu is very proud of our family’s sacrifice as veterans to afford ourselves and others the opportunity to live freely in a country where business ownership is more than just a dream, but a reality.


We take great pride in the fact that we are a thriving minority-owned business contributing to the forward movement of diversity and inclusion of all firms regardless of race or cultural backgrounds. While we are proud of our heritage and background, our hard work and dedication to the small business community always stands on its own.


We fully support the equal rights of women everywhere. It is our belief that if able, willing and readily equipped, all firms should be afforded the same opportunity to compete for business and contracts in their respective industry.


Bobby Newsome in military uniform

Bobby Newsome

Shaundel is receiving awards in Military

Shaundell Newsome

Tiara Flynn and Bobby Newsome smiling

Bobby Newsome & Tiara Flynn