Baking Branded Cake For Loyal Customers

A cake is a cake. Do all cakes taste the same? Are all cakes made with the same ingredients? Absolutely not! Since 1982, I have learned that small businesses don't know how to make their "Branded Cake" special to their loyal customers. Disney has done it for over half a century. McDonald's has mastered it for decades. Apple is baking branded cakes for children who are not born yet. It's your turn!

All cakes are not the same! All cakes are not made for the same occasion or purpose. This should say something to small businesses who are simply using templates to brand their companies because it's a cheaper option. A towing company that puts a truck towing a car on its marketing materials has not distinguished itself from its competition. A singer who uses a microphone on his or her business cards is not branding. A lawyer who uses a photo in front of a bookshelf full of law books is not standing out from the crowd. The realtor with the best glamor shot with their arms folded in front of a nice house is not winning the game in a crowded market. "Baking Branded Cake for Loyal Customers" means that you have to put the perfect ingredients in your dessert to make it desirable for that specific group or person.

brand is “The intangible sum of a product's attributes: its name, packaging, and price, its history, its reputation, and the way it's advertised.” David Ogilvy, Author of On Advertising.

Last year, I published The Twelve Steps Of Marketing: A Perfect Guide to Branding to teach small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs how to "Bake A Branded Cake for Loyal Customers." In fact, this book is focused on building Loyal Brand Champions that create constant cash flow for your business. I read David Ogilvy's On Advertising while attending the High School of Graphic Communication Arts in Manhattan on my subway ride to and from school. This inspired me to study branding and how it works. Later in life I had the privilege of work on one iconic customer loyalty program and brand. It's amazing what happens to a company when it hits the niche audience and create a constant cash flow for the business. I took that experience and put it into a book for the small business owner to hopefully have that same success.

Whether you are a towing company, singer, lawyer or realtor, my desire is for you to have loyal customers who enjoy eating the branded cake that you made special for them. Just like Disney, McDonald's and Apple your branded cake will create constant cash flow and generational loyal customers for your business.