How Much Do I Invest In My Marketing?

I get asked all the time…Shaundell, how much do I invest in my marketing?

The answer is that it depends on where you are trying to go.

Start with the strategy. Let’s look at you taking a trip to California. Your car is your company or business. Marketing is the gas to get you to your destination.  
How much gas do you need to get to your destination?  
Are you going to Barstow or Bakersfield?  
Are you going to LA or San Diego?  
Are you going to Oakland or Fresno or Sacramento?  
Where are you going? 

The further that you want to go. The more that you need to invest. It’s very simple.

The marketing investment is just like buying a home or a car. It’s based on the needs wants and desires of the customer and situation that dictates the budget. When I had a family of ten, I could not put them into studio apartment. That would be my cheaper option. But, that’s not what is needed for the situation. I would have loved to purchase a compact car. Instead, I owned a SUV extended because of the size of my family. What is needed to be effective in the market that you are trying to take over? And yes, you are trying to carve out market share. I choose my polo shirts, pens, mugs, and other promotional items based on the market and not my budget. And guess what? It works.