The Playbook

The Playbook is as good as the quarterback.

I have a great game plan.  Why is not helping me grow revenues?  Every year each team in the NFL set its sights on the Super Bowl.  For one moment in time, they want to be crowned as the best.  Small businesses have to be the best for more than a moment in time.  We have to be the best at all times.  So, how do we accomplish this insurmountable goal?

Every year a small business owner starts with a plan.  If he/she does not plan then that’s the first problem.  But simply having a plan means nothing without phenomenal execution.  As the quarterback (owner/senior executive) of your company, you must take the strategy to execution to achieve the desired goals.  Putting the right players in a position to be successful is key.  These are commonly referred to as the tactics for the plan.

I believe in STEP (Strategy, Tactics, Execution, and Planning) for everything I do for small business success.  Are you using STEP in your business?  Why?  Why not?