Beware of imposters parading as marketing consultants

Would you ever go into court with a person posing as an attorney?  How about flying on an airplane with a pilot who has no experience?  It reminds me of the commercials where someone says they are an expert because they had a good night sleep in a hotel the night before.   


Recently we have encountered many small business owners who have squandered their marketing budget on false marketing consultants.  Typically after this tragic mistake they are left without the resource to promote their business.  So, how do we avoid these situations? 

  • Ask the marketing consultant about the firm’s experience. 
  • Check out the clients that have use d the marketing firm. 
  • Get testimonials from companies that currently work with the firm. 

 There are many imposters in the marketing game.  Why?  There are no licenses or certifications for marketing consultation.  It’s an easy target.  Do your research prior to engaging in any contract with a marketing firm.