Become BRAND New!

Become BRAND new

It’s astonishing how many small business owners do not understand branding.  Often, they feel like they have done an awesome job of building a brand by just creating a phenomenal logo with vibrant colors.  What good is having a sensational visual without the plan that exposes the brand?

Take your time with branding.  Expose your brand to your intended target market.  They are waiting for the opportunity to build a relationship with your company.  You have to give them more of what they want.  Sounds weird?  But it’s very true.  Wal Mart customers are proud to say they are patrons of the discount superstore.  Coca-Cola and Pepsi drinkers boast about their relationship with the product.  “I drink Pepsi!  I don’t touch the other stuff.”  That’s their exclamation.

Now YOU ARE BRANDING!  Are you putting your brand in the hands of your customers?