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Sumnu Marketing provides services as becoming your In-House Marketing team so you the business owner and your team can focus on the other aspects of your business. Primarily, your In-House Marketing Team will consist of a marketing director, marketing coordinator and administrative and outreach support. We develop a project plan for execution, a marketing strategy for your business, conduct an internal/external audit, we meet with your team regularly to discuss strategy and execution, marketing campaign evaluations and so much more!
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Your Personal Marketing Mentor, Inside the Sumnu Solutions Zone – Small Business Owners don’t need advice or consultation, they need mentorship! Inside the Sumnu Solutions Zone, you have 24/7 access to a Marketing Mentor with over 30 years of experience. 
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Our firm has been praised over the past 12 years for our community Grass Roots Outreach efforts. Our team will create a strategy, develop and plan and execute based on your needs for community outreach. From start to finish our process is fully extensive. We conduct area studies based on the community in which you’d like to conduct outreach and follow through with a full post-event/campaign report at the end of the outreach efforts. Our firm was awarded the Outstanding Public Outreach.
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We orchestrate vision, mission, and goal planning with the precision of military execution through creative workshops, company retreats and training.  "There is no reason for your company to run on four cylinders if it's supposed to run on six.  Underperformance is worse than not performing." Shaundell Two Time SBA Award Winner.  From small businesses like Branch Benefits Consultants to organizations like the Henderson Development Authority we push for high performance.
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Our company goes beyond the logo and colors to create a personality for your brand that customers love, recommend and defend.  It's about creating Loyal Brand Champions (c) that create constant cash flow for your small business. Gritz Cafe has become a national destination for Southern cuisine in Las Vegas.  Braud's Funnel Cake Cafe created a niche dessert establishment where the owner hired her entire family after building the brand.  Since its inception, our firm has assisted thousands of small business owners through services, workshops, training, and seminars.
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With a combined 20 years of Air Force service, Shaundell (Founder) and Tiara (President/CEO) have experience in conducting training workshops, seminars and have engaged in speaking events all over the world. Shaundell has been a mentor through various organizations around the state, he has also mentored thousands through internet, radio, and television. Shaundell has created our very own 12 Steps of Marketing program, from there various other marketing and branding workshops were born.