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Three Moves Every Startup Founder Must Make To Build a Brand That Maters
02/14/2016 Arielle Jackson

When Arielle Jackson started her career at Google, one of her mentors taught her to embrace the fact that marketing is a highly tactical function. To this day, she loves sweating the small stuff — mostly because it all adds up to be big stuff. That’s how she helped home WiFi startup eero pull in $2.5 million in sales in a fortnight via a successful pre-order campaign. All the little stuff — from the details of eero’s website copy to the subtleties of its customer communications — added up. Rainmakers are known for their storm, but Jackson pays mind to each droplet.

While at Google, Jackson had spent nearly a decade marketing various products, including Gmail, Docs, Calendar and Voice. As Director of Retail Partnerships and Marketing Programs at Square, she managed distribution partnerships that put its products in 30,000 retail stores. At Cover, she led marketing and communications before Twitter acquired the startup. Since, Jackson’s set out on her own to help startups better grasp and broadcast their brands.

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