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What? A Marketing Company saved by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Are you kidding me? You guys should know how to market your company. Aren't you the experts? YES WE ARE!

Originally I joined Facebook to connect with my youngest brother who was stationed in Korea as an airman in the United States Air Force. The phone lines were so bad that this was the best way to communicate with him. As a marketing professional I was not sold on this new tool to communicate the brand of my company. But things quickly changed.

Let's talk about the brand of a company. It's the characteristic of the visionary or owner of the company. I started to post pictures and comments about the things that I cared about. This gave people an insight into my family, my faith and my true character. Suddenly people started to look at me in a different light. I did not realize that some people thought I did not value family because I was always networking. Others believed that my company was in trouble because of the recession. They figured that I had given up. Yes my company, Newsome Marketing Enterprises was challenged because our primary market was hit hard. But then my children took the recession as an opportunity to "be the change that they wanted to see." Guess what? Everyone got to follow the trials and tribulations on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

Social media provided the "reality series" feel to our company that propelled the Sumnu Marketing brand. We get more people who say that they know us than we ever did before.

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