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Casting a NET that WORKS Networking

Casting a NET that WORKS

            Networking has become one of those common phrases in the business world that is grossly misused in practicality.  Everyone seems to think that if you make contact with someone then you have effectively done networking.  NOT TRUE!

             Introducing yourself to a contact is the first step to networking properly.  Do you have a 30 sec speech to introduce your company and yourself in a concise moment?  You need one. 

            Annotating the interaction can be done mentally or in a recorded fashion.  Some people use a person’s business card or a cell phone to record notes about meeting someone.  This is important to understand the setting where you met the person.

            Constant communications with the individual without appearing to be a stalker is a true art.  First, make contact by a personal note with NO intent to sell.  “Nice to meet you” or “Thank you for the conversation” are good leaders with a personal note via email or hand written.  Giving some information that is valuable to the person you just met is a good opportunity to make a second impression.  Continued communications can be providing the individual with an invitation to similar events where you both met.

             If you noticed a pattern of giving then you have read this blog well.  It’s about giving not receiving.  The pushy salesman is really extinct.  In most cases you are not selling vacuum cleaners or one time transactions.  Your goal is to develop a solid relationship for referrals, new business and a brand champion for your service or product.

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