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02/14/2016 Arielle Jackson

Three Moves Every Startup Founder Must Make To Build a Brand That Maters

Every once in a while Sumnu Marketing likes to share expert information from fellow "real" marketers. Today startup companies can get valuable information on building a brand that matters.

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01/30/2016 Shaundell Newsome

Don't use bootleg marketing

I am begging you to please stop using bootleg marketers. They are causing a lot of problems in our industry and profession. And a lot of companies, mainly small businesses are wasting money on the most important part of growing their business.

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01/25/2016 Mariama Bramble

5 Ways to Target the Right Audience

We appreciate the contribution from our friends at the SBA. Understanding Your Customer is the second step in the Twelve Steps of Marketing. Our founder, Shaundell Newsome created the marketing process to ensure the marketing and communications success for small business owners. 5 Ways to Target the Right Audience will help you build a great relationship with your customer base. That's extremely important. We want you to continue to DO SUMNU!

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Measuring Marketing Results

Is it science or a guessing game? In my 30 plus years in marketing I have always heard from non-marketers that it’s hard to measure marketing efforts. In my opinion you cannot begin to market without setting the expectation for success.

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The Business Card is Big!

The Business Card is BIG! In 1982 I was intimately introduced to the world of printing as an apprentice in high school. The texture, type and design of a business card really told a story about the company that presented it. Every company battled to create the best business card in the world. In today’s world of technology that can be lost in the big bag of communications tools.

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Casting a NET that WORKS Networking

Casting a NET that WORKS Networking has become one of those common phrases in the business world that is grossly misused in practicality. Everyone seems to think that if you make contact with someone then you have effectively done networking. NOT TRUE!

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Basic Elements of a Marketing Plan

Basic Elements of a Marketing Plan The Marketing Plan is one of the most important parts of your Business Plan. If you don’t start with the business plan’s goals then you are making an absolute huge mistake. A marketing plan helps you to communicate internally (management, employees, etc) and externally (customers, investors and prospects).

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It’s time to THRIVE! Stop SURVIVING!

Most small business owners were happy to survive over the last couple of years. The recession gave everyone an excuse to get lazy.

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What? A Marketing Company saved by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Are you kidding me?

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PR Does Not Stand for Press Release

Getting a news story published in the newspaper, in the business press or on television is a valuable tool for enhancing a company's reputation, expanding its visibility, and reaching target audiences. We call this "Earned Media."

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