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Eggactly Knowing The Company's DNA
01/17/2016 Shaundell Newsome
Handsome Brook edited photo

Eggactly Knowing Their DNA!

This is Eggactly what I have talked about for over a decade.  When I created the 12 Steps of Marketing I thought that small business owners would catch on immediately to step one, Understanding Your Company’s DNA.  What was I thinking?

The first and most important step in branding your company is knowing who you are.  If you don’t know your company’s identification then how do expect your customer to understand your product or service.  Handsome Brook Farm, a small business entered into a competitive market with huge success because they implemented step one, Understanding Your Company’s DNA!

My desire is to help your company succeed beyond your lifetime.  I love these success stories for small businesses.  They get it.  Congratulations Handsome Brook Farm!

Shaundell Newsome


SBA Family Owned Business of the Year


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