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Your customer can teach you a lot about your brand.


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The Price is Right. Pricing is always a tough decision for small business owners to make. Price is all about the perceived value of the customer. They can make or break a brand. Coach sells hand bags, luggage and other accessories at a premium because its customers will pay the price for the brand. Typically Coach customers are not interested in getting a cheap bag. They appreciate receiving special offers from “their” brand. But they don’t want a knock off or imitation product. Are you ready to determine your product price?

The automobile industry is an intriguing market. Cars are designed for every situation. The market and era dictates the type of cars that people are buying. Have you ever noticed that big cars were popular during the 1970’s? Smaller compact cars were a favorite in 80’s when gas prices started to rise. Then we went to mini vans and SUVs. Now it’s back to smaller vehicles and electric cars. What is your market?

All successful companies understand its customer’s needs. McDonald’s markets to children and families. Therefore they tailor the environment and experience for that market. Dining choices can vary from fast food to fine dining. The customers are distinctively different.

Most people say it’s hard to measure your marketing efforts. That’s not exactly true.

A common marketing question for small business owners is how to choose a brand.

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