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Your customer can teach you a lot about your brand.


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01/24/2016 Guest Blogger
Improving a company's website traffic is often a challenge for small businesses. We have 7 strategic tips from our friends at the SBA to help you improve the traffic and response on the homepage. Sumnu Marketing, SBA Nevada Family Owned Business of the Year will share information from our small business resources and friend. Our mission is to educate, engage and elevate small business through a marketing process called The Twelve Steps of Marketing. Ask us how you can build a solid marketing foundation for your business.

As a Type 2 diabetic I have to take medication twice a day, take care of my feet with special lotion and exercise daily. There are a lot of people like me. But there are a lot of people who have no diseases. There are some people who have other diseases. That’s no different for small businesses.

Handsome Brook Farm, a small business entered successfully into a very competitive market because they understood the first step in the Twelve Steps of Marketing. Understanding your company's DNA is the first and most important step in your business marketing development.

Small business branding at its best Do you often dream of the day when your company’s name becomes a household brand? The world will instantly recognize your product or service when it’s mentioned in the market. That’s exciting!

03/19/2015 Sumnu
I love playing golf. The game is all about strategy. Each gold course is unique in the layout, design and landscaping. Most professionals say that “You play against the course, not against people.” Marketing is all about strategy. Each company has a unique offering to the consumer. Therefore the company has to identify how to effectively communicate their unique solution to the customer’s problem.

In most of my first meetings with small business owner I ask them, “How are you doing with your marketing efforts?” Typically they answer with a vague response, “Its ok.”

Marketing can solve your revenue blues. If cash flow is very slow you need to get more customers through communications.

There are many rumors about marketing. Some are just flat out lies.

The customer is always right is a myth.

Branding is an abused word in our industry. Do you clearly understand your company’s brand? What your company’s brand statement? How do your customer’s view you?

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