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The Car with NO Engine
06/16/2015 Shaundell Newsome Sr.

Don't Drive your Business without an Engine!

Most small businesses are trying to run a business without an engine. Thay's why they don't get far.  Marketing is the engine that makes a small business go!  The stronger your engine the better your revenue results.

The best companies in the world understand that having a solid marketing foundation ensures brand constistency, growth and longevity.  Remember that most small businesses fail within their first 3 to 5 years.  Statistics show that brand recognition causes the demise to happen faster.  Most economists would say that cash flow is the major challenge.  But cash flow is driven by the marketing efforts.  So, while both components are important, one cannot exist without the other. 

Marketing is more than just communications.  Small business owners like to jump straight to communications.  They typically get business cards, a brochure and a website without any substance or good messaging.  That's like having an engine with bad hoses and belts.  You won't get far.  It's important that YOU develop a solid marketing program for your company.  The Twelve Steps of Marketing is designed for that purpose.

Shaundell Newsome, Visionary Sumnu Marketing

Shaundell, SBA Minority Small Business Champion of the Year in 2009 recently won SBA Family Owned Business of the Year.  He has taught thousands of small businesses marketing through the Twelve Steps of Marketing.  He's considered a small business marketing expert and has been published in several business publications.

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