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Marketing Road Map for Success

Every good team in sports create a game plan that gives the coaches and players a “road map” for success. This plan that is displayed prominently in a “play book” provides directions on how the team will approach different types of situations.

Your company has to approach customers using a good game plan. Guessing is NOT an option! Most small businesses fail in marketing because they don’t have a marketing play book. If your company is working on the hypothetical assumptions of friends, family and your own unproven thoughts is destined to fail. Developing a marketing playbook is a crucial step in the Twelve Steps of Marketing.

What are your questions about the marketing playbook?

attracting school market
How do attract school students and market to them when you don't have access to them? Anisa, thank you very much for your question. First of all it depends which students you are trying to attract. Are you attracting students for a charter school, college or trade school? Please give us a litte more information. Sumnu
(March 20, 2015 ~ 11:32 AM)
By anisa

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