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Marketing Makes More Sense When
12/26/2015 Shaundell Newsome
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Marketing Makes More Sense When....
Marketing makes more sense when you look at it from the right lens.  Marketing makes more sense when you understand the emotion of buying.  Marketing makes more sense when you focus on the customer. 
Most small business owners fail to communicate the right message to the right customer.  How can you change that for your company and your business owner friends?
It's time for small businesses to take charge of their own destiny through solid marketing.  Let's use Branding, Advertising and Public Relations to start the journey!
Branding is the method of developing a product or service that the customer will buy, defend and recommend.
Advertising is a tool that relies on good messaging to communicate the advantages of the customer buying your product or service. 
Public Relations is developing the story about your company or product that connects with the consumer. 
BAP (Branding, Advertising and Public Relations) will make marketing make more sense to you. 
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