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Help your customer identify a need for your product
03/19/2015 Sumnu


If my customer don’t know that they need my product. How do I market to them?

In most cases a consumer needs to be educated on your product or service before they know that it can solve a problem for them. As a small business owner your company focus should be on providing a solution to a problem in the market.  You may need to educate the customer on how to identify the need.  Then you will need to educate them about your product.

Dating services were designed to help people get connected to potential life partners. They have been around forever. Neil Clark Warren, founder of E-Harmony established the relationship website in 2000 after writing several books about the subject. He finally decided that people don’t want to be educated about relationships. They wanted to be connected to other compatible people. He created the site to connect people using four key relationship points:

  • Character and constitution
  • Personality
  • Emotional makeup and skills
  • Family and values

The bottom line is that E-Harmony solved a problem for single people who were looking for like-minded individuals.

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