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DC Just Don't Understand Small Businesses
06/11/2016 Shaundell Newsome

DC just don't understand!

In 1988 DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince released Parents Just Don't Understand, a comical song with a video to match the humor. Well, there is nothing funny with the way Washington is treating our small businesses.

It is funny how we can't find funding for small businesses due to a highly regulated banking system. Also, it's funny how this country of innovation cuts Small Business Development Centers across the US almost 50% since 2010. But they continue to talk about how much they love small businesses. In my opinion the SBA has great leadership with Maria Contreras-Sweet. However, the budget cuts don't make her job easy. Job creators are not laughing at the comical attempts with new legislation that hinders the flexibility to run our businesses.
Small business owners are the middle class. Let me explain. If I make $80,000 a year, how much do you think is reinvested in my company? And do you account for the hundreds of thousands lost in the recession? The same banks that received bailouts did not share that cash with small business owners. We are members of the middle class.

We need our legislators to create laws that encourage entrepreneurship not monologues of legislation that keep us crying because we are certainly not laughing. DC just don't understand!

DC Just Don't Understand
It is contradictory policies like this that make it so hard for the small business owner to make it in today's world. Really makes you think!
(June 13, 2016 ~ 4:17 PM)
By Robin Fuller - LVCOC

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