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Your customer can teach you a lot about your brand.


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Sumnu for the Sophisticated Small Business

The relationship between the small business and its marketing firm is like a marriage. It's important that they are always on the same page.

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Before business cards, fliers and websites.....

Before you create a business card, develop a flier for your business or build a website for your company you have to Sumnu. Have you ever heard of anyone constructing a building without having blueprints from the architect? In the industry they affectionately call them “plans”. Then how are small business owners constantly making the same mistakes. Over 80% of them fail because of poor planning and not having a solid foundation in many areas. Marketing is high on the list.

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Plan Don't Procrastinate

“If you are not planning then you are procrastinating.” Shaundell Newsome, marketing expert. Sumnu Marketing is about planning. If someone asks if you Sumnu. Then they want to know if you are taking the correct steps to develop a solid marketing program. Sumnu planning deals in 90 day, 6 month and annual calendars.

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What is Sumnu? It's a culture.

What's Sumnu? NO BOX! Learn the power of the entrepreneur and the courage fo the small business owner. Small businesses run this country not the politician on the left or the right.

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How Small Businesses get new customers?

Small Businesses have to learn how to use their best resource; current customers to grow the business. Use customers to give you qualified new prospects.

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Choose the Avenue for Marketing and Advertising

Sumnu, how do I choose the avenue for my marketing and advertising?

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The marketing plan does not work!

Sumnu, I am frustrated because I believe that our team created an excellent marketing plan. We came with some great ideas. Why are we still struggling with getting customers?

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We cannot get people to stay on our website, what can we do?

We get some activity. But we cannot get people to stay on our website. Our newsletter gets deleted without being read. We do not have much interest on our Social Media sites. What can we do?

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What is the difference between marketing and sales?

We have always combined the marketing and sales departments. Is this the right thing to do? Or, does this cause a lot of confusion with our staff?

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Sumnu, how can I structure my business for long term success?

I want my business to become the next McDonald's, Disney, Harley Davidson or Macy's. I would like for my company to last for generations. Sumnu, how can I structure my business for that type of long term success? This is a common statement made by most entrepreneurs. It's more than making money that motivates the true entrepreneur. Most inventions were made out of necessity. The same thing can be said about small businesses. Over the years as the structure of the family changed McDonald's became more of a necessity for a quick meal. Millions of families have been affected in one way or another by the "Magic of Disney."

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