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Your customer can teach you a lot about your brand.


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What is branding?

Branding is more than your company’s logo and tagline. “The intangible sum of a product's attributes: its name, packaging, and price, its history, its reputation, and the way it's advertised.” David Ogilvy, Advertising Legend.

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A business card builds character

Before you buy or commission someone else to develop your business cards READ this blog. Business cards give the first impression of your company's character.

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Your First Step for A Marketing Plan

What is my first step to developing a marketing plan? The Sumnu definition of marketing is to create a long term relationship with your customer through constant communications and information.

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How do I build a marketing budget for my business?

How do I build a marketing budget for my business? It’s like shopping for groceries. What are you trying to accomplish? How much of the market are you trying to consume (eat)? Your marketing budget is built after you have determined the goals for the company. Never build a budget based on left over money.

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Do I really need a website today when I have social media?

Do I really need a website today when I have social media? Absolutely yes! Social media is a good tool to tell some cute stories about your personal life or share photos, videos, etc. However, it does not come close to replacing your website.

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Acquiring Customers is tough

I created my own marketing materials with an online company. Why am I having a problem with acquiring new customers? The answer is very simple. The online company is relying on you to have some basic information and knowledge about marketing. They are NOT focused on your target market, market conditions or the reaction you want from the customer.

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My advertising is not working. I am going to use word of mouth.

Dear Sumnu, I have been placing ads in several magazines. I spend money on radio, television and on the internet. I don’t believe that advertising works for me. I can save money by just using “word of mouth marketing.” What are your thoughts?

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05/28/2013 Sumnu

What good is a brand when no one knows about it?

What good is a brand when no one knows about it? Many companies go through the costly process of attempting to build a brand. They get a catchy name, a tagline and a logo. The novice will believe that they are truly branding a company because they have those superficial items. It’s not about who knows your company. It’s about who knows your brand.

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05/21/2013 Sumnu

We have a brand. Our logo and name is done

We have a brand. Our logo and name is done. Your company’s brand is more than your name or logo. It’s the true personality of your company. Having a name and logo is like having a human body without feelings or emotions. What makes your company tick? Why does your company exist? Branding is much bigger than your logo and name.

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05/13/2013 Sumnu

The Danger of the Unknown

Not knowing who you are can cripple to your business. The first step to marketing your company is to understand your company’s brand.

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