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12/27/2016 Shaundell Newsome

How do you build a Marketing Budget

Building a marketing budget requires good planning and clear business goals. Then you have to determine how much you want to "invest" in your company's growth. Notice that the word "invest" is in quotations. Most new business owners view marketing as an expense. Huge MISTAKE!

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06/11/2016 Shaundell Newsome

DC Just Don't Understand Small Businesses

In 1988 DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince released Parents Just Don't Understand, a comical song with a video to match the humor. Well, there is nothing funny with the way Washington is treating our small businesses.

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12/26/2015 Shaundell Newsome

Marketing Makes More Sense When

Marketing makes more sense when you look at it from the right lens. Marketing makes more sense when you understand the emotion of buying. Marketing makes more sense when you focus on the customer.

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www.What!? Winning on the Internet

Social media has given the small business owner the ability to expand and grow a network beyond their local community. A good social media campaign can put your brand into many markets.

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06/16/2015 Shaundell Newsome Sr.

The Car with NO Engine

Most small businesses are trying to run a business without an engine. That's why they don't get far. Marketing is the engine that makes a small business go! The stronger your engine the better your revenue results.

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03/19/2015 Sumnu

Help your customer identify a need for your product

In most cases a consumer needs to be educated on your product or service before they know that it can solve a problem for them. As a small business owner your company focus should be on providing a solution to a problem in the market.

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Marketing Road Map for Success

Every good team in sports create a game plan that gives the coaches and players a “road map” for success. This plan that is displayed prominently in a “play book” provides directions on how the team will approach different types of situations.

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What is the key to a marketing plan?

The key to a good marketing plan are the milestones. A plan with a bunch of hypothetical assumptions and ideas is doomed to fail. Marketing is more than just brainstorming ideas.

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Sumnu, What is FREE marketing?

There is no such thing as FREE marketing.

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Sumnu, How do I measure marketing?

Measuring your company’s marketing efforts depends on how well you define your company’s goals. Prior to defining your marketing goals you must determine the company’s business goals. Marketing is the tool that you will use to reach your business goals. If a car dealership needs to sell 100 cars a month to survive then the marketing plan must get it to that point.

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